Meet the Team: Daniella Squicquero | Partner, Co-Founder

Meet Daniella, the other half of the duo behind The Hilton¬†Head Life and The Beaufort Life brands.¬† [Ric here.] You may, at some time, have been asked to describe someone you know in a single word. Words like passionate, charming, focused and loving may come to mind. As Daniella’s partner — in business and life — it would be impossible for me to describe her in a single word. So, I’ll attempt it in two: completely captivating. For those who know her, Daniella is incredibly talented, driven, kind, brilliant, hilarious, gracious, caring and beautiful. To those closest to her, she’s… Read More

Meet the Team: Ric Hollifield | Partner, Co-Founder

Photo of Ric Hollifield, Partner and Co-Founder of The Hilton Head Life and The Beaufort Life.

Meet Ric Hollifield. One half of the dynamic duo behind the Hilton Head Life and Beaufort Life brands, his thoughtfulness and passion are evident to all who meet him.   Ric’s history as both builder and mortgage lender give him a multifaceted industry background that translates into massive value for his clients. He brings years of skill and knowledge to the table, and is truly an expert problem-solver. Ric began his career on “this side” of the real estate industry in 2013, almost immediately putting down roots at what was then Gateway Realty, the leader in private club living. Gateway… Read More